Who is Fat Hen And Flo?

Hi, it's nice to see the face behind the name, especially when you're thinking of booking a workshop, so I pulled on my big girl pants a stuck a photo on here.

This is me, Susan McKenna, and I am Fat Hen And Flo. 

Fat Hen And Flo was founded almost 10 years ago out of a need to legitimise the volume of fabric that was arriving at my home on a weekly basis. So, in order to fund/hide my fabric habit, I started Fat Hen And Flo. 

I'm not very good at doing just one thing. So I don't.

I am a workshop teacher. Over the past 10 years I have run all kinds of art and craft workshops for children and adults from my studio, in schools, at festivals, for charities and organisations.

I am a designer/maker and use screen printing, illustration and watercolour in my work.  You can find my stuff on my Etsy shop. 

I am also a textile artist. That fabric addiction hasn't gone away but these days I keep the majority of my textile art as personal work. Why? Because I love it and it's really important as a creative to have a place to stay creative outside of 'work'. A place to indulge and play. The lines do blur though and my new stitch workshops and quilt making parties are the way I have snuck it back in to work again. But hey, it's the best feeling to share the thing you love, right.


The studio

My studio is in Folkestone's Creative Quarter, on the south coast, not far from the sea and vast skies. This is where all my work is created and most of my workshops and art clubs are held. It's bright and sunny and cold and organised and messy and chaotic all at once. Just how a studio should be.