Kids Art Club

At Art Club we are all about building confident, creative artists. Using a wide variety of mediums, from painting and drawing to sewing and sculpture, the kids are encouraged to find their individual artistic voice and trust in the decisions they make. They explore and problem solve as they immerse themselves in projects. We take as long as is needed. Some projects start off with a two week time frame in mind but end up filling two terms as the kids have fun with an idea and take it off in a multitude of different directions. They are encouraged to see value in what they create, share their ideas and critique each other's work. 

A fun, safe space.

In all the groups we keep numbers low and ensure that children are in the group that is the right fit for them. The kids build good friendships and are extremely supportive and nurturing of each other. It is important that Art Club is a space for them to be themselves and feel safe to be brave in their creativity. We also have loads of fun.

Art Club is held at our studio on The Old High Street, Folkestone.


Classes and Availability

We currently run two term time classes.

Wednesday 3.45 - 5.15pm    Full

Age 6 to 12    £8 per session

Saturday  10am-12pm     Full

Age 10 - 14   £10 per session

Please email if you would like your child put on the waiting list for a place.  

[email protected]



Can I stay with my child during art club? I have a strict no adults allowed policy at Art Club and this is for a number of reasons. There is not much space in the studio for extra people, parents want to chat to me but I am there for the kids during Art Club and most importantly is the kids behave differently if there is an adult about. Their safe space is invaded, their chatter stops and they become self conscious.

But my child is shy/anxious/nervous about staying without me. I fully appreciate the difficulties some children have about coming to a new place. Many children have started Art Club feeling this way and we work around this in a number of ways, by inviting you to pop in during a class, or staying for a short time to start with, or arriving early to meet me and ask any questions. I will chat with you to find the best solution for your child.

Are you police checked? Yes, I have an enhanced DBS check and am fully insured.

Please email Susan if you have any further questions or to enquire about availability [email protected]




Kids are expected to behave in a way that is considerate and respectful of those around them. Art Club is held in a working Artist studio block and the kids and their adults are asked to be respectful of any work as they enter and leave the building. 

Wear suitable clothing! It's cold in the Winter so wrap up warm. Wear old clothes as there is always the possibility of mess. It's too nerve wracking for me when kids arrive in their brand new birthday outfit! This happens too often and I know they are super keen to show me their new gear but it's time consuming to wrap a child entirely in bin bags and tape because we are painting that day!!!! 

Payment is made termly in advance. 

Ensure that your contact details are up to date on the consent forms.

This is Art Club. We get messy. We wear aprons but Fat Hen And Flo cannot be held responsible for any damage to clothes. Please see above.